Thursday, 19 May 2011

Boneless Buffalo Bites and Blue Cheese Dip

Buffalo WINGS are messy..and hairy. I don't mind the mess but I can do without having to deal with the hair and pimpled skin. You know what I mean. So, these are Boneless Buffalo Bites. A variation, I'm sure, I'm not the first to debut here on CWCS, but they're SO good. The actual buffalo sauce is a recipe from our BBQ hero Steve Raichlen. "Buffalo Mop" to be precise. See?

Obviously, I shan't be posting the recipe on here because it's not mine (you could buy the book and be in BBQ heaven (that's okay Steve you can pay me later)). There's all kinds of very bad for you..ahem..I mean delicious things in here. Nearly a whole stick of butter being one of them. But, sssh, I won't tell anyone if you don't.

And then there's this:

There ain't no party like a Frank's party.

The recipe actually calls for tobasco sauce but we are unashamed lovers of Frank's so we decided that would be best.

Now buffalo wings/bites wouldn't be complete without blue cheese dip. It would be like bread without olive oil, beef without mustard, Seth without Summer (I had to get the OC in here somewhere didn't I?!). Anyway, you get the point.

So, I whipped up a batch. These are your ingredients. Minus the Sam Adams of course. Unless you wanted to. Whatever floats your boat.

Start off by crumbling the stilton into a bowl.

With the back of a large spoon, squidge the cheese a little to break it up. Don't worry if it's still lumpy, we'll come to that later on.

Add 300ml of soured cream

Stir it up, baby.

Now add 2 heaped tablespoons of your favourite mayo. With or without the chubby thumb.

And the juice of half a lemon (minus the pips).

Now transfer your mixture to a food processor (see, I told you we'd get there) and whizz it all up until it's nice and smooth. You could leave your mixture lumpy if you so wish.

Once you're happy with the thickness, transfer the mixture back to the bowl and season with salt and pepper. Can you tell I forgot to take pictures of this part?

Then you should have something that looks like this:

Granted, I hear you, I could have done something a little more exciting with the presentation. BUT. When you taste this, it'll knock your socks off, it's so tasty. Honest. Try it.

Now, you might wonder why the hell I made salsa to go with this.

Well, hold your horses! I didn't. It was to go with a batch of home made golden breaded mozarella sticks that I made for our lovely vegetarian Vikki. However, I shan't be showing you a photo or a step by step of these as they just looked TOO good. And me being the kind person that I am, I wouldn't want to make you all jealous of my fan-tab-ulous cooking skills. Ahem. The truth your honour? Okay. They were a complete tram smash. All the cheese oozed out of the breadcrumbs (I knew I should have egg and breadcrumb dipped twice) and by the time I'd put them all into a dish they'd all melded together to create one big breadcrumb and mozzarella cheese pat. What, it's okay that I had to cut it like a pie to serve it. Yes, of course it is. I have to say though, horrible presentation aside, they tasted ruddy good and with some of that salsa on top it finished it off nicely.

Right, for the salsa:

Start with a few good handfuls of tomatoes. Mixed colours always work best.

You see that lovely shiny thing bottom right? That is my best friend for life. Well, apart from Bob of course. That people, is my Global knife. Oh, yes. I will never chop, slice or dice with another. Anyway, I digress.

Chop your tomatoes.

Roughly chop one sweet red pepper..

..and a bunch of spring onions..

..and a nice big bunch of coriander.

Add it all to a bowl and add the juice of one whole lime and 2 teaspoons of sugar.

Then give it all a good stir and that is your basic salsa right there. Nice and quick and really refreshingly delicious.

We also had sweet potato fries. Obviously, you need no explanation as to why you won't be getting a photo of those either.

Some photos by (the lovely) Bob

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