Tuesday, 3 May 2011

More BBQ goodness

As there were plenty of royal goings on Friday we decided that it was definitely a good excuse to throw another BBQ. Why not? The grey skies and impending rain threatened our good time (although we had the umbrellas at the ready) but before we knew it the sun had broken through the gloom and we were heating the grill. Bob donned his chef's hat (metaphorically of course) and whipped up a nostril-tingling, very fragrant Chinese marinade for some swordfish steaks that we had picked up.

It was not only extremely pretty to look at, with it's little star anise floating around amongst the crushed garlic and cinnamon sticks but it also flavoured the fish incredibly well. As soon as the steaks hit the grill they sizzled and wafted up a most amazing aroma that drew me and my camera closer.

Then came my favourite..the ribs. Finger-licking, lip-smacking and tooth-sticking. Bob decided to try two kinds, a few racks of baby back's rubbed with a bbq rub which were then doused in sweet and smoky bbq sauce while they cooked on the grill.

Then he made a smoky apple BBQ sauce which Wes glazed the other ribs with while they sizzled and spat and made our mouths water.

More sauce Wes! More!

These were the final results:

Ribs with rub and sweet and smoky bbq sauce glaze.

Ribs simply glazed with smoky apple bbq sauce.

Both kinds of rib were SO good. Hold on, I don't think I'm expressing just how good these were. They were so good I could have eaten everyone elses too. They were so good that when I realised that mine were all gone, I looked around to see if anyone might have too much to eat and would need me to help them out. Sadly not. What do you mean you really enjoyed them too? The apple glazed ones were stickier, messier and my personal favourite. The ribs that had been rubbed and then glazed were alot spicier and were packed with good, punchy flavours. They also had little bits of caramelised brown sugar from the rub. What's better than caramelised sugar? Nothing, that's what. Aren't I lucky to know two men who can glaze, make delicious sauces and rubs and grill food on the BBQ so well?

My cooking hasn't been that adventurous lately. I haven't really had the oppurtunities for it. I will though. This weekend, I'm thinking about knocking up some boneless buffalo wings and some Jack Daniels sesame chicken, TGI inspired. Oh, and some creamy blue cheese dip and sweet potatoes fries. In the meantime though, here were some delicious sides that I made to accompany the meaty goodness of..well..the meat.

Torn mozarella with green pesto, basil, lemon zest and juice and LOTS of olive oil.

My delicious cranberry salsa which is, if I may say so myself, out of this world. I love it with everything and anything. Visit here for the recipe.

A gorgeous mixed tomato salad with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, basil, chilli and garlic. I was lucky to find some unusual looking tiger tomatoes in the supermarket to jazz this up a little and make it more visually pleasing. When Bob eats this he says "It reminds me of holiday". I know exactly what he means and you would too if you tasted it.

And here to round it all off is my Bob's beard. Why? Because I can.

My love

Mozzarella salad via Jamie Oliver
Tomato salad via Jamie Oliver
BBQ sauces and Chinese marinade via Steve Raichlen

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