Tuesday, 1 November 2011

My Ultimate Festive Find

My! What are these?

Shiny Brites you say? Never. Yes...yes, they are.

I've wanted some Shiny Brites for a very long time now but could never justify the huge shipping costs to get them over to me here in the UK (where they aren't available *sob*). So, can you imagine my utter surprise and plain girlish excitement when I walk into a home store last Sunday and as I'm milling through the festive isles looking at all the glittery, shiny baubles I spot this packaging that I know so well? I tell you, I nearly knocked over every person in my way as I sprinted, yes sprinted, over to the shelf that these were on. I couldn't believe it, there in my hands I was actually holding boxes of Shiny Brites. Naturally, I had to buy them all. Didn't I? I did.
You may be asking 'What are Shiny Brites?'. I shall tell you. Shiny Brites are a popular American christmas decoration originally founded by Max Eckhardt just after the Great Depression, now reproduced by Christopher Radko. These lovely little decs are pure Christmas to me. Traditional and festive in every way. I shall be decorating my tree with these until I'm old and grey.

Tee hee.

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