Sunday, 27 November 2011


Here are two delicious, scrumptious Thanksgiving Day leftovers. Yes, we cooked a Thanksgiving dinner. No, we're not American. Yes, we had mac and cheese with ours. No, I don't feel silly.

Anyway, the night before I made a pumpkin cream pie and some pecan bars. I was cooking until very late at night but man was it worth it. Those pecan bars are delicious little salty and sweet bites that melt in the mouth. Okay, it took three of us to prise those little buggers out of the cake tin but once they were out I could tell it was worth every swear word. The pumpkin cream pie was good. I mean REALLY good. I've never had pumpkin in any form before and the only time I've encountered the smell and texture is when hollowing them out for Halloween, but this is definitely something I'd have again. Did I doubt this recipe at any point? No. It's from Pioneer Woman. Need I say more?

pecan bars on

Pecan bars by EatLiveRun via Tasty Kitchen

pumpkin cream pie on

Pumpkin Cream Pie by the legendary Ree via Pioneer Woman

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