Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Making the most of it.

As it's highly unusual for us to get such glorious weather in April you can probably understand that we're aiming to get as many BBQ's in as possible while it lasts. Especially with Bob's purchase of one of (BBQ, rub and marinade God) Steve Raichlen's books. When it comes to all things BBQ this man is to meat what Kenny Rogers is to country music. I think Bob plans on trying possibly every single marinade, rub and sauce in this book as they all look so good. And bless him, my man does love his BBQ'd meat. This passion having been fuelled even more so by Steve, of course.

These are some free range pork shoulder fillets that Bob rubbed with the 'Basic Barbecue Rub' from the book. The back one is 'rub-less' as it was for a doggie and it might have been a bit too spicy for his belly. Wes grilled these up a treat on the BBQ and they came out succulent and juicy, not at all dry, and the rub was amazing. I mean 'tastebud-exploding' tasty. Insane. The mixture of the different ingredients are to a good ratio so you can literally taste everything that goes into it. We even used it on Vicki's vegetarian chicken-style pieces and it was ruddy good on those too.

Now this, what can I say about this? It's amazing. Anyone who knows me will agree that I love my sauces. That might even be an understatement. Bob's always saying that I over-sauce everything but to me..there is no such thing. My delicious Bob made this delicious 'Sweet and Smoky BBQ sauce' (also from the book) which used all things tasty like brown sugar, honey and nearly a whole large bottle of ketchup. My kinda stuff. The recipe made quite alot and filled more than 2 jars. Not that I'm complaining as we now have enough to see us through many more BBQ's as it keeps for months in the fridge. What conclusion did I get from this sauce? My man's bloody good at making sauces.

And lastly, if you're looking for a kicking coleslaw for any occasion and to go with anything then you need to try 'Southwest Slaw'. It was my addition to the BBQ and the recipe comes from patiodaddio on Tasty Kitchen. It was so good. A smack of heat from the chipotle's mixed with refreshing lime and coriander. My kind of coleslaw.

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